Daily rates 16/02/23

FCL ocean freight from China main ports to Mombasa/Dar Es Salaam/Beira/Maputo. Please let us know freely if need any assistance from our side. All your specific inquiries are highly appreciated. Shenzhen to Mombasa: USD748/20’GP USD950/40’GP & 40’HQ Validity is till 28/02/2023 Shenzhen to Dar Es Salaam: USD1500/20’GP USD1210/40’GP & 40’HQ Validity is till 28/02/2023 Shenzhen […]

Daily news updates 14/02/23

Tackling challenges in oversized cargo transportation How does one transport enormous objects across the globe? Windmill blades, industrial batteries, paper mills, trainsets, helicopters, and harvesters are all large machinery that is integral to the operation of our farms, factories, and cities. However, these important items do not fit within TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) standard shipping […]

Daily News updates 13/02/23

Asia Pacific – Africa Volume picked up before Chinese New Year but is expected to revert to the traditional slack reason during the holiday. We will take this opportunity to reshuffle the network with some vessels sliding and blanking based on the market demand. Waiting times at destination ports have improved dramatically and most ports […]

Daily rates 13/02/23

Shipping rates from United States to Namibia Miami – Walvis Bay 20 ft 40ft $ 3,756 $ 5,060 Charleston – Walvis Bay 20ft 40ft $ 3,756 $ 5,208 Savannah – Walvis Bay 20ft 40ft $ 3,818 $ 5,135 New York – Walvis Bay 20ft 40 ft $ 3,818 $ 8,720 Los Angeles – Walvis Bay […]

Daily rates 10/02/23

Container shipping rates from the US Destination Port 20ft Container Cost 40ft Container Cost London, UK  $2,396 (USD) $3,022(USD) Sydney, AUS   $3,329 (USD) $4,497 (USD) Melbourne, AUS  $3,996(USD) $4,800 (USD) Auckland, NZ   $3,229 (USD) $4,497(USD) Montreal, CAN  $2,453 (USD) $3,254 (USD) Vancouver, CAN  $5,169 (USD) $6,855 (USD) Hamburg, GER  $1,988 (USD) $2,485 (USD) Le Havre, […]

Daily Rates 07/02/23

    Please help to see below updated best rates to Beira. Please kindly help to receive for your reference. Please let us know freely if need any assistance from our side. Thank you! Shenzhen to Beira: USD2185/20’GP USD4025/40’GP&HQ Validity is till 28/02/2023 Ningbo to Beira: USD2300/20’GP USD4083/40’GP&HQ Validity is till 28/02/2023 Shanghai to Beira: […]

Daily Rates 06/02/23

Harare -Beira Truck Per Load 40ft/20ft $1600 USD Transit time:2-3days Harare -Railway Per container 40ft/20ft $1250 Transit time:5-7days

Daily rates 06/02/23

SEA FREIGHT: India to Beira POL: Chennai/India POD: Beira/Mozambique Type :20′ & 40′ Cargo: General USD2170/20′ USD4129/40′ Routing via Singapore TT:36 days approx. Rates from Bangladesh to Beira POL :Chittagong, Bangladesh POD: Beira, Mozambique Ocean Freight: USD2703.00/20′ USD5003.00/40′ Transit :30 Days Rates from UK to Beira 20FT Freight :USD3303 BAF:USD181 LSS:USD33 OTHC:£218 40 FT Freight […]

Daily rates 04/02/23

Our weekly Air cargo rates: 1-30kgs -$12.50 45-90kgs-$11.50 100-250kgs-$10.50 500-2000kgs -$9.20